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Water filters engineered to protect each sip


Clean water is a right

We’re democratizing access to clean water and helping close the socioeconomic public health gap. We partner with NGOs and government agencies to respond to public health crises and water emergencies around the world.


TiKAL Model Y Bottle

On-the-go filtration from our 24 oz BPA Free water bottle with built-in filter casing to help filter out heavy metals, chemicals, and microbes.


TiKAL Model X Bottle

On-the-go filtration from our 32 oz stainless steel water bottle with a transportable filter for taste & odor and to help filter out heavy metals and chemicals.


Our filter material is made with all-organic agricultural waste.


We partner with local NGOs to support emergency management efforts.


All of our products are assembled ethically here in the USA’s heartland.


We value education and awareness to make sure you know exactly what's going on when it comes to your water.


Outside of filtration options, we have a few other services for our customers. Check out some of our current services being offered below:

New Filtration Technology Development (sink, filling stations, etc.)

Facility and Home Water Quality Testing

Local Water Quality Research and Data Access

See how we're making a difference

in Flint, Michigan


Changing a public health landscape in any area is a difficult task and requires strengthening communities on a grassroots level, by instilling trust and spreading educational awareness about drinking water contamination. 

“Even before the Flint water crisis, I didn’t like the taste of the water and the smell of the water. I didn’t trust the water.” - Flint, MI Resident

“People forget that water is key to survival. Just how people forgot about it. The crisis isn't over, it was just brushed under the rug. We still need help.” - Flint, MI Resident

We're collaborating with Habitat for Humanity to provide our water filters to Flint residents, and to understand how our products are used to keep families' water supply clean and safe.

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